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is at the heart

of all that we do!

With the purpose of expanding our understanding of God's healing Power and applying this understanding toward healing ourselves and the world, we join together as an Interspiritual Church.

Holding religious freedom as sacred, we are committed to no doctrinal test of membership other than the desire to "Do that which is right."

Our common thread is our belief in the Healing Power inherent in all of life.  We refer to this Power as God. taking care not to infringe upon anyone's right to view God in accordance with their own beliefs.

We worship together in the spirit of Truth, Love and Harmony.  We welcome into our fellowship all peaceful seekers of Wisdom and Light.

We open ourselves to the ever unfolding awareness of the presence of God in all aspects of life.

In humility and gratitude we acept the responsibility of promoting the well-being of all. 

We support each other in this healing initiative.  We dedicate our efforts to this sacred cause.