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Please send your prayer requests to us at eolhec@aol.com.  We will continue praying with you, knowing that the answers to all your prayers are ocurring in the best way and at the best time, according to God's perfect will for your good.  We pray that you allow God's healing Power to flow freely through you, healing you in body, mind and spirit. We pray that you recognize the good that is already yours and use it to multiply the good in your life and for the good of others.  Amen.

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Let God be God in you! 

God is Good,

God is Love,

God is Life!

 The Light of God surrounds us,

 The Love of God enfolds us,

 The Power of God protects us,

 The Presence of God Watches Over Us,

 Wherever we are, God is!

Written by James Dillet Freeman   

A copy of this prayer is on the moon!  

Please affirm it together with us.  

You are welcome to come walk our labyrinth in silent prayer.  It is shaped like qa heart with the pathways all lined with flowers we tend to.  As you walk into the labyrinth, bring into your mind all the things you wish to release from your life.  These may include things like sickness, financial difficulties, relationship problems, worry, fear, guilt, shame, resentments, bitterness, hatred, jealousy, greed, dishonesty, bad habits, negative thinking, or anything else that is troubling you.  When you get to the center, rest for a few moments in prayer, and give these things over to God.  On the way out of the labyrinth, feel the love, joy, forgiveness, health, confidence, mercy, release, fulfillment, prosperity, peace, order and harmony present now in your life and give thanks, knowing your prayers have been answered for the highest good!!

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