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...A Place to Come Together and GROW!!!

The Little Church in the Barn is located in Hartville, Ohio, on the property of our founding ministers, Dean and Jody Evans.  It is a little storage barn built in the late 1800's, destined to become a place of great significance to us.  With much love and hard work, this little barn was turned into a sacred place for us to share our spiritual quest for healing.  

We are often asked who did the wonderfully creative work.  It is very wonderful and full of love!  Thank you to the following people for helping us turn a barn into this church:  Dean and Jody Evans, Amber Doerschuk, Craig and Alyssa Evans, Anna and Brian Evans, Ronny and Martha Leighton, Sarah Leighton, Scott Massie, Kimee Massie, Maddox Massie, Karen Callahan, Holly Rowley, Kim, Karen Kreger, Glenna Russell, Tina Walton, Ken and Ginger Robinson, Brenda Jackson and Debra Jackson.  And thank you to the many people who have shared their love with us here ever since!

The garden is also a sacred part of our church!  Much prayer and hard work goes into keeping the grounds.  This gives us a nice space to not only learn about organic gardening, but also to learn about all of nature, plants, God and ourselves.  We have a wonderful time in the garden, coming together to grow!  Our sweet memorial garden and butterfly garden is a nice place for weddings and meditation, as is the heart shaped labyrinth.  Please see our page The Learning Garden for more information on how you can become more involved!  The food we grow in the garden goes into the dinners we serve.

Please join us on Tuesdays for Friendship Supper at 6 and the Interspiritual Service at 7 p.m.!  Other events as scheduled. 

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."    (Hebrews 11:1 KJV)

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