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We have two licensed teachers, Candice Zawoiski and Dana Grande, committed to putting this program together with us, and we couldn't possibly be any more pleased! We have a few other quite gifted people who have expressed an interest in joining us, too! We are blessed!!

Candice and Dana are both wonderful with children, they are great at putting curriculum together and they are both completely on board with providing a well-rounded educational and life-enriching experience to kids, based on principles of Humane Education.

Dana is also licensed as an independent therapist and will be working in numerous capacities with us, including being a part of our sound healing program. Candice will be the primary curriculum director.

The Indigo Children's Program will unfold in God's perfect time. We hold this vision in prayer. It can be hard to be patient sometimes! This dream has been in the making for many years, and now the place is being prepared and the people are beginning to gather together. It's a very happy and exciting time for us all! More details to come very soon!

What is an Indigo Child? 

An Indigo Child, to us, is hope for the future.  An Indigo Child represents the new generation of children coming into this world who will save it.  Indigo Children are full of compassion and vision.  They are innocent and connected to their spiritual selves. 

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