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All of our food is raw vegan, made with premium whole food ingredients and love!  We use no 8animal products, nothing with artificial ingredients...just pure, whole plant goodness, not heated at all or else air-heated at very low temps to preserve the enzymes and other nutrients to make them bio-available to us.  We also like to prepare  fermented food products rich in life-supporting probiotics, like our own homemade sauerkraut.

Do you have to be vegan to come to our church?  No, but we think you might like being vegan on Tuesday nights...and maybe then you might begin to like the idea on other nights!   Join us on Tuesday evenings at 6 pm.  Not only is the food great, but the friendships we are forming are awesome, too!

Love offering basis  No need to bring anything.  This is part of our training program, so preparing these dinners gives our students great practice.  Enjoy!

Want to know more about our training program and how to get these inds of foods at your next event?  Check out Heaven's Bounty!

...A Place to Come Together and GROW!!!